Hardships of doing it all yourself

Tired of doing most or all of the administrative work for your practice all by yourself?

Are you limiting the number of patients that you would like to see, because you have too much admin work to do at the end of each day?

Are you neglecting important aspects of practice management like compliance with HIPAA, State and Federal regulations, Insurance credentialing, etc. because there just isn’t enough time in the day?

Are you loosing your hard earned money, because there is no time for benefit verification, rebilling rejected claims, administering LCF/MAF procedures with your patients, or following up with collections on large, unpaid balances?

Do you take up too much “therapy time” each session with collecting payments, scheduling new appointments, discussing LCFs/MAFs, or other administrative issues?

Do you spend too much uncompensated time talking with prospective patients on the phone only to discover that you are not a match?

Until now, most MH Private Practitioners in solo or small group practices have few workable/affordable options for getting skilled help with managing their practices. With the exception of billing (from moonlighting medical billers), most skilled help is expensive. Finding someone who has all of the necessary skills to manage all of the different aspects of your practice is impossible.