New or Returning Patients to FCA

Scheduling your first appointment with an FCA provider is an easy 3 step process.

First, our Intake Coordinators will collect your essential information in 3-4 minutes by phone.

Second, our Intake Coordinators will help you connect with the best available provider who is the best match for your needs, your preferences, your schedule, and your insurance. The better the match on all factors, the better your therapeutic outcomes.

Third, our Intake Coordinators will verify your insurance benefits, schedule your first appointment, and explain how everything works so you will have no unpleasant “surprises” when you arrive for your first appointment.

Please call our Intake Coordinators at 716-836-9460 and follow the prompts for new or returning patients. If our intake coordinators are not available, please leave a message. Expect a call back within an hour during business hours.

Our Intake Coordinators are available Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM They will follow up with you by phone to help you get started with your new FCA Therapist.