Let Us Help You at Your Place

FCA Now Offers: Complete Practice Management Support for Your Practice at Your Location

“Freeing You to Focus on the Work that Matters: Treating Your Patients”

D-I-Y Private Practice is hard!

Solo Practitioners do almost everything on their own by necessity, not by choice.

Most want help, but finding affordable, competent help is impossible.

Everybody likes options
What if… you could hire a part-time, expert, practice administrator to do most or all of your tedious administrative tasks?

What if… you only paid them by the hour for each hour that you see a patient?

What if… the amount that you paid them was less than a business pays a teenager for a part-time summer job?

Impossible you say!
After 23 years providing practice management support for solo MH private practitioners, FCA has figured it out. FCA is pleased to announce that we now offer very affordable, practice management support services for solo or small group private practices at their location.

You decide how much expert administrative support you want for your practice in your location:

“A little or a lot, it’s up to you”

Interested in Exploring this Opportunity More?

Please call 716-836-9460 Ext 204 to speak with a provider service representative. We welcome the opportunity to see if FCA might be your best solution to provide significant support “to free you up to do the work that matters”