Interested in Starting or Relocating Your Private Practice with Us?

If you want all of the benefits of owning your own Private Practice, with almost none of the hassles then you should give us a call.

FCA providers treat their patients, do their notes, and cover their own patients after hours. FCA takes care of the rest. FCA provides the complete package of comprehensive, practice management support services,

“Freeing You to focus on the work that matters: Treating Your Patients”

FCA provides affordable support for your practice with a system that charges you by the session so that you only pay for what you actually use. You don’t pay us for open hours, or sick/vacation time out of the office. Almost all of your overhead costs are bundled into a set fee that is charged to you only when you charge your patients. Out of necessity, we require a payment of a minimum of 25 sessions/month, unless you are out ill, on Maternity/Paternity leave, or on Disability. This policy is essential for FCA’s survival during these difficult times. If you have to be out for medical reasons for 1 or more months, we will maintain your practice until you return.

Interested in Exploring this Opportunity More?

Please call Jeff Roach, Ph.D, FCA Director at 716-836-9460 and enter ext. 204 for direct access. We welcome the opportunity to see if FCA might be the best place for you to start or relocate your private practice.