Jeff Roach, Ph.D.​

Clinical Psychologist with 30 years experience in the provision of individual, marital, and family therapy for people of all ages. Specializing in systems consultation for all organizations.

Autobiographical Statement

My 30 year career has prepared me well to work with all kinds of people in all sorts of situations who are suffering from a variety of problems. I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults in inpatient and outpatient settings.

I have devoted the last 21 years of my career to the provision of individual and family therapy services in a private practice setting. I have learned that changing the family is generally quicker and more effective than changing an individual.

I believe in short-term, solution-focused techniques whenever possible to effect change which then gives quicker relief. However, I am equally comfortable with longer term, insight oriented, analytical techniques if that is what is needed to help someone who suffers greatly from traumatic events of the past.

I am an active, action-oriented therapist. I am not content to simply empathize with a person’s pain or anxiety. At their pace, I empower people to make changes within themselves or within their situations to improve their lives.

I particularly enjoy couples or marital work, because a strong and happy marriage is the best means of improving the mental health of the entire family.

I participate with the following Insurance plans:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Independent Health
  • Nova
  • Univera
  • Medicare
  • Aetna​