Best Practices Resources for MH Private Practices

Launching on 7/1/19

Licensed MH professionals are welcome to select from our proprietary practice management educational materials to learn about topics of interest for Managing MH Private Practices. We will be expanding this list of resources in the near future, so be sure to check back with this page for new presentations that have been added.

When you click on a topic, you will be asked to complete a quick, on-line registration form that we use to confirm that you are a licensed MH professional. Once your registration is complete, we will send the link(s) plus attachments for the presentations to your registered e-mail address.

Please Note: All presentations are for your individual use only.  Please do not share the links to video presentations with anyone else. If you have a colleague who is interested in viewing this presentation, encourage them to visit our website, register with us, and get their own link to these presentations.

If you are interested in sponsoring a group presentation of one of our Webinars for 15 or more MH professionals, then please contact Jeff Roach, PhD at 716-836-9460, ex 204.  We will be glad to host a webinar for your group with a live Q and A following each video.



BEST PRACTICES for MH Private Practices: Presentations/Articles

Make Your Practice Safe Again:
        Upgrade your Medical Records Policies and Procedures (Part I)
        Upgrade Your Progress Notes/Psychotherapy Notes (Part II)


(More to be added in the near future)