Provider Services: Hassles

Launching on 7/1/19

FCA provides complete practice management support so that

You don’t have to:

  • Spend uncompensated time on the phone with prospective patients
  • Talk to insurance companies for credentialing or for verification of your patients’ benefits – ever
  • Waste session time processing your patients’ payments, scheduling future sessions, dealing with LCF/MAF fees in treatment sessions
  • Take after hours phone calls for non-crisis issues
  • Cover your patients while away on vacations, because we provide secondary backup
  • Stay on top of periodic requirements, HIPAA, CAQH demands, Fraud, Waste, and Abuse training, etc.
  • Lose money when patients show up for appointments and are “surprised” by large co-pays or deductibles which they are unable to pay
  • Wait for your money with billing services that still file paper claims
  • Waste time trying to do your own collections work with poor results
  • Spend tons of time trying to stay up to date with changes in State and Federal regulations, new insurance company requirements, new medical records requirements, etc. to keep your practice safe
  • Market your practice/maintain your own website as a means of trying to generate new referrals to fill empty hours
  • Commit to fixed monthly costs (lease, utilities, computer equipment, software programs, cleaning services, etc) that you have to pay for whether or not you see any patients that month

Interested in Exploring this Opportunity More?

Please call Jeff Roach, PhD at 716-836-9460 and enter ext. 204 for direct access. We welcome the opportunity to see if FCA might be the best place for you to start/relocate you private practice.