“Making Your Practice Affordably Easier”
Please don’t let the prices listed below scare you away. Our charges per session represent only a small % of your overhead costs for that session. If you pull out your calculator, you will see that the amount you pay us is a surprisingly low percentage of what you earn in each session. For example, if you average $140/session (most Psychologists) and pay us $12/session for Lvl III services, your overhead costs for our services would be 8.6 %. You’ll be surprised at how little of your earnings per session will be spent on the level of support services that you select.

“Freeing You to Focus on the Work that Matters: Treating Your Patients”
Would you rather see 2-3 more patients each week, and pay for most or all of our support services? or Would you rather do all of the administrative work yourself (6-8 hours additional hours per week of non-compensated time to do all that you should do to keep your practice safe and lucrative).

Startup / Upgrade Fees for FCA Services at Your Location
Startup Credentialing Services (Mostly Level I services for first 3 months until your new private practice is established and ready to go) $400/month-for 3 months, or $975 for 3 months with single payment at start. Once credentialed/contracted, new providers are welcome to continue with FCA support services at the level of their choice.

Relocating your established practice from a different Region/State When moving an established practice to a new region or new state, the provider will only need to be credentialed with the new regional insurance companies, while being transitioned to a new location with all national insurance companies. This is half the work, so we charge half the price. $200/month – for 3 months, or $475 for 3 months with single payment at start.

Upgrading Your Established Practice (e.g., supporting your practice through an upgrade to a new, cloud based Practice Management Software Program). We work carefully with your current and new PM software providers to make a smooth transition in your practice so that your clients hardly notice the transition except to realize the full benefits of your new software program. $200/month -for 3 months, or $475 for 3 months with single payment at start.

Fees for Practice Management Support Services at Your Location

Level I Services only (Maintenance Services) $60/mo, or $600/year with single payment at the start of your service contract year.
Level II Services (includes Level I Services) $8/session*
Level III Services (includes Level I and II Services) $12/session*
Level IV Services (includes Level I, II, and III Services) $16/session*
Level V Services (includes Level I, II, III, and IV Services) $20/session*

* Payable monthly; Minimum- 25 Sessions per month unless you take 2+ months Leave of Absence.

Launching on 7/1/19

Interested? Questions? Please call FCA’s provider services representative at 716-835-5500 to see if we can:
“free you up to do the work that matters: treating your patients”